• NJP-200 Capsule Filling MachineOur capsule filling equipment boasts high precision, small vibration, and low noise which is below 80dB. The vacuum positioning mechanism ensures a capsule positioning probability of up to 99.9%.
  • NJP-800 Capsule Filling MachineAn air compressor is installed in the capsule discharge port. This effectively prevents the capsules clogging in the discharge port due to static.
  • NJP-1000 Capsule Filling MachineThe NJP-1000 capsule filling machine is able to process both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine with high dosing precision. The capsule qualified rate is more than 99%.
  • NJP-1200C Capsule Filling MachineAn enlarged dosing disk, which is 3 centimeters larger than conventional one, is adopted. The adoption of this disk significantly improves dose filling accuracy, making the accuracy far superior to that specified in China national standards.
  • NJP-1200D Capsule Filling MachineThe design of cam facing down and the adoption of a pressure atomizing pump guarantee a good lubricating condition inside the cam groove, which reduces wear and extends service life of the parts.
  • NJP-1800 Capsule Filling MachineControlled via computer, our capsule filling equipment supports stepless frequency-conversion speed regulation. It is provided with a digital display for convenient operation.
  • NJP-2000 Capsule Filling MachineThe capsule filler is designed with a man-machine interface. It will automatically stop and alarm in case of capsule or powder shortage. Also, the output of filled capsules is displayed on the touch screen.
  • NJP-3500 Capsule Filling MachineThe capsule control switch enables the operator to control the capsule filler from outside, which improves safety. The addition of an inching control system further facilitates operation.
  • Liquid and Paste Packing Line The main features of this liquid and paste packing line are easy operation, advanced PLC from Siemens, electric control system and user-friendly man-machine interface.
    The automatic checking function of the machine is applied to check if there is any problem such as failed bag-opening ...
  • SD8-200 Automatic Pouch Counting and Packing Line This packing facility is a combination of a complete set of highly automatic equipments which save the labor force and improve the productivity. The equipment is mainly used in the automatic tally packaging of small packages ...
  • Powder Packing Line This automatic packing machine unit, which is a combination of the rotary packing machine and the auger filler, is used especially in the packing of powder (such as milk powder, coffee powder, seasoning and additive).
    This powder packing machine ...
  • Granule Weighing and Packing LineThis granule weighing and packing line is mainly used for the packing of powder and granule, such as the monosodium glutamate crystal, washing powder, condiment, coffee powder, milk powder and feed. The rotary packing machine and the measuring cup machine ...
  • Multihead WeigherThis multi-head weigher is mainly used to weigh dry foods, processed foods, fresh foods, frozen foods, seeds (pulses), coffee granules, beans, tea, sugar, grated cheese, bakery products, candies, confectionery, rice, nuts, dried fruits, spices, little pieces of pasta ...
  • Auger FillerThis auger filler can do measuring and filling work. Its unique design makes it suitable for the liquid or poor-fluidity materials, such as milk powder, albumen powder, solid drink, white sugar, dextrose, coffee powder, pharmaceuticals, granular additive, dyestuff, etc.
  • Liquid and Paste Filler Range of applications:the measurement of liquids, such as catsup, syrup, peanut butter, detergent, etc.
    The facility is a semi-automatic liquid canning machine in piston style.
    Designed in artful model, the equipment is rather easy to handle.
  • Bucket ElevatorThis bucket elevator is used mainly to convey the solid food, such as rice, chip potato, candy, etc. It is a combination of the automatic quantitative packing system, the weigher and the packing machine. The widely applied and automatically controlled elevator ...
  • Shape ConveyorUsing the 304 stainless steel as raw material, this shape conveyor is featured with hygienic and healthy usage. Since this equipment is connected by gears, it is stable, durable and water-proof compared with the traditional conveyor. The baffle design prevents the objects on ...
  • KD-SL3 Screw ConveyorSimple operation is the key feature of this KD-SL3 crew conveyor. The only moving part is the motor driven spiral which rotates within a sealed tube so as to move the materials. This spares the need of any additional operating equipment such as filters or bearings ...
  • Detecting WeigherBy means of advanced digital signal processing, high speed and stable weighing is realized in this detecting weigher.
    A unique frame structure ensures accuracy during the operation.
    The liquid-crystal and tangibly screen ...
  • Work PlatformThe aesthetic, solid, skid-resistant and secure platform is mainly employed to support the weigher, which is a general accessorial equipment in the packaging system.
  • Capsule Polishing MachineDriven by a stepless variable speed motor, this polishing equipment can polish and clean the dust attached to the capsule and tablet to improve the surface finish of medicines.
  • Sorting and Polishing MachineIt is used for not only the polishing and static elimination of capsules and tablets but also the removal of substandard capsules, such as empty capsule, broken capsule, capsule with deficient dosage, etc.
  • Transparent Film Packaging Machine The transparent film packaging machine completes work via a series of cams driving various connecting rods and parts. It adsopts PLC programming control technology and stepless frequency conversion speed regulation. Packaging boxes are fed and counted automatically. The film is attached pneumatically.
  • Automatic Film Packing MachineA new-type double-rotary film cutter is adopted. Unlike conventional fixed type single rotary film cutter whose blade wears easily, the cutter of our film wrapping machine needs no sharpening even after years of using.
  • 3D Transparent Film Packing MachineThe 3D transparent film packing machine is widely used for the three-dimensional wrapping of food, cosmetics, stationery, health supplies, pharmaceuticals, daily necessities, audiovisual products, and other boxed items.
  • Automatic Blister Packing Machine It supports automatic feeding, automatic indenting, batch number printing, aluminum alloy heating, multistage cylinder heat sealing, and other functions.
    Applicable to both rigid and flexible packaging, this packing equipment can be incorporated with the encasing machine and other packaging machines to form a complete automated line.
  • Automatic Blister MachineThis automatic blister machine is used for the combined packaging and sealing of blister aluminum plastic or blister paper plastic for capsules, tablets, injectors, sweets, hardware and other goods in the food, medical, and electronic industries.
  • Automatic Blister Packaging MachineOur automatic blister packaging machine is produced in strict compliance with GMP. It is made more desirable by the added waste material collecting device.
  • Automatic Cartoning Machine The ZH-100 automatic cartoning machine is used for the packaging of medicine, cosmetic, playing cards, and other similar items. It is able to automatically complete the operation of manual folding, carton opening, item cartoning, batch number printing, and carton sealing.
  • Horizontal Cartoning MachineOur ZH-100P horizontal cartoning machine is used for packing all shapes of bottles and similar goods into cartons. It automatically completes leaflet folding, carton opening, feeding, embossing, and sealing. A hot melt glue machine can be added.
  • High Speed Cartoning MachineCapable of continuous operation, this cartoner automatically opens the carton, folds the leaflet, prints batch number, inspects the seal, and performs other work. A hot melt glue machine can be added.

Tianhong is a professional pharmaceutical packaging machinery manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including capsule filling machine, transparent film packing machine, polishing machine, blister packing machine, and cartoning machine, among others.