GD6-300C/250C/200C Automatic Rotary Packing Machine

GD6-300C/250C/200C Automatic Rotary Packing Machine
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1. Easy operation, advanced PLC from Siemens, electric control system and user-friendly man-machine interface characterizes the automatic rotary packing machine.
2. The frequency conversion equipment can adjust the machine on the basis of actual demands in production.
3. The automatic checking function is employed to check if there is any failure of bag-opening, incomplete bag-opening, no material feeding or no heat seal. The bags can be used again so as to save the raw material and the production cost for users.
4. A safety device ensures that the machine stops under abnormal air pressure. Besides, the device also gives an alarm while heater disconnection occurs.
5. The electrical motor adjusts the width of the bags and the control button is pressed to adjust the width of the clips.
6. The automatic rotary packing machine matches with the glass safety door. The facility would automatically stop to work if the door is opened. Therefore, it can ensure the security of the operator. Besides, it also keeps the dust away.
7. The usage of plastic bearing spares the need of oil and therefore causes less pollution.
8. The non-oil vacuum pump used by the equipment avoids environmental pollution in production.
9. The preformed packaging bag with perfect pattern design and quality seal is used in this machine to add to the high grade of the product.
10. Stainless steel or other materials which meet the requirements of the food hygiene are employed in the contact parts of the product and the packing bag so as to guarantee food hygiene and security.
11. Different feeders of the packing facility are used to pack solid, liquid, thick liquid, powder and so on.
12. The packing bag has wide range of application, such as multi-layer compound, monolayer PE, PP, etc. The preformed bags are made of film and paper.

Technical Parameters
Model GD6-300C GD6-250C GD6-200C
Working position six-working position
Pouch material Laminated film\PP\PE etc.
Pouch pattern Stand-up pouch ,flat
Pouch size W:200-300mm W:150-260mm W:100-210mm
L:200-450mm L:150-350mm L:100-350mm
Speed 8-30bag/min 8-35bag/min 10-60bag/min
Weight 1300KGS 1200KGS 1000KGS
Voltage 380V 3phase 50HZ/60HZ
Total power 3.5KW 3.5KW 2.5KW
Compressed air 0.6m3/min(Provided by user)
Feedback Form
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