Multihead Weigher

Multihead Weigher
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1. This multi-head weigher is mainly used to weigh dry foods, processed foods, fresh foods, frozen foods, seeds (pulses), coffee granules, beans, tea, sugar, grated cheese, bakery products, candies, confectionery, rice, nuts, dried fruits, spices, little pieces of pasta, pet food (pellets), etc.
2. Digital sensors are employed to improve the speed, precision and anti-jamming capability.
3. The protection grade of the frame is IP65.
4. The display screen possesses the functions of statistical data inspection and optional printer output.
5. The multi-head weigher can be operated in several optional languages, such as English, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, etc.
6. Optional accessories:Dimpled plate used as the material-contacting part, overweight discharge equipment, collection hopper and printer.

Technical Parameters
Model KJL-10 KJL-14
Weighing Range 10-1000G 10-1000G
Weight Accuracy ±0.1-1.5g ±0.1-1.5g
Speed Up to 70 bags/min Up to 130 bags/min
Structure Stainless Steel - Two levels Stainless Steel - Two levels
Hopper capacity 1600ml 1600ml
Driving Mode Stepper Motor Stepper Motor
Preliminary Program 99 Sets 99 Sets
Total power 1KW 1.5KW
Voltage 220V single-phase 50/60HZ
Dimension 1482(L)X1080(W)X1160(H) 1680(L)X1182(W)X1268(H)
Feedback Form
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