Automatic Cartoning Machine

Automatic Cartoning Machine
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The ZH-100 automatic cartoning machine is used for the packaging of medicine, cosmetic, playing cards, and other similar items. It is able to automatically complete the operation of manual folding, carton opening, item cartoning, batch number printing, and carton sealing.

This packaging equipment adopts PLC control and photoelectric monitoring. In case of failure during operation, it can automatically stop and display failure cause for timely troubleshooting.

1. The automatic cartoning machine will eject cartons that have no medicine or leaflet.

2. This equipment can stop automatically if the items are incorrectly positioned into the carton or if there are no cartons or leaflets.

3. Our cartoner can easily adapt to the packaging of different items.

4. It is protected from overload.

5. There is a display on which the speed and the number of finished products are shown.

6. This encasing machine can be used alone or in conjunction with blister packing machine and other equipment to form a complete production line.

Main Technical Parameters

Electric PowerAC380V three-phrase and five-wire 50Hz
Total power: 2.5KW
Production Capacity50-100box/min
Volume of Consumption20m3/h (pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa)
Box Requirement250-300g/m2 (depending on its dimensions)
Max. Size(L × H × W) 200×80×50mm /260×190mm (L×W)
Min. Size(L × H × W): 50×20×14mm/100×100mm (L×W)
Paper Requirement55-65g/m2
Overall Dimensions3100×1380×1800mm
WeightAbout 1.5tons

Note: Customized products are available.

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Other Products
  • Horizontal Cartoning MachineOur ZH-100P horizontal cartoning machine is used for packing all shapes of bottles and similar goods into cartons. It automatically completes leaflet folding, carton opening, feeding, embossing, and sealing. A hot melt glue machine can be added.
  • High Speed Cartoning MachineCapable of continuous operation, this cartoner automatically opens the carton, folds the leaflet, prints batch number, inspects the seal, and performs other work. A hot melt glue machine can be added.