Automatic Blister Machine

Automatic Blister Machine
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Developed by integrating the advantages of similar products at home and abroad as well as by taking the feedback from customers into consideration, our automatic blister machine can be used as a substitute for the imported product of the same type. It has also obtained a national patent.

Adopting advanced technology, this blister packing equipment is provided with completer functions and it is stable in performance.

1. With adjustable stroke, our automatic blister machine can have the sheet size changed freely, so it is suitable for the packaging of items of various specifications.

2. This blister packaging machine has a flat plate structure and it is able to pack square, triangle, oval, and other special-shaped items.

3. Forming, feeding, heat-sealing, indenting, batch number printing, and cutting can be completed automatically.

4. Our blister sealer can automatically recover a whole roll of waste material.

5. The positive pressing formation makes the blister wall uniform, stiff and smooth, thus making the packaged goods more beautiful.

This automatic blister machine is used for the combined packaging and sealing of blister aluminum plastic or blister paper plastic for capsules, tablets, injectors, sweets, hardware and other goods in the food, medical, and electronic industries.

Main Technical Data

Blanking Frequency20-40 times/min
Layout Dimensions57×80mm
Adjustable Range of Stoke40-110mm (Controlled freely)
Air Compressor≥0.15 m3/min
Power of Main Machine1.5kW
Hotter Power2.6 kW
Rated Frequency50 Hz
Rated Power SupplyAC380V
Overall Dimensions2400×710×1360mm

As a China-based automatic blister machine manufacturer and supplier, our company also offers capsule filling machine, capsule polishing machine, high speed cartoning machine, automatic film packing machine, and more.

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