Automatic Blister Packing Machine

Automatic Blister Packing Machine
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The DPP-80 automatic blister packing machine is widely used in small food plants, pharmaceutical factories, dosage rooms of hospital and research institute, as well as many other places. It supports automatic feeding, automatic indenting, batch number printing, aluminum alloy heating, multistage cylinder heat sealing, and other functions.

Applicable to both rigid and flexible packaging, this packing equipment can be incorporated with the encasing machine and other packaging machines to form a complete automated line.

1. Our automatic blister packing machine is provided with a built-in cooling water unit.

2. The blister packer is designed with easily replaceable parts for packaging different items.

3. Stepless frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted.

4. Blisters of superior quality are used.

5. Uniform heating and uniform forming are achieved via the contact heating system.

6. Our blister sealer is compact in structure and easy to operate.

Technical Specifications of Automatic Blister Packing Machine

Blanking Frequency10-35 times/min
Sheet’s Quantity of one Blanking1 sheets
Capacity600~2100 sheets/hour
Adjustable Scope of Feed Travel10-120 mm
Max. Forming Area and Depth80mm ×120mm×15mm
Capacity of Air Compressor≥0.25
Power Supply220V 50Hz 2.2KW
Wrapper SpecificationPVC for medicine80mm ×(0.15-0.5)mm
PTP aluminum foil80mm ×(0.02-0.035)mm
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)1300mm ×550mm×950mm
Apply toPackaging of capsule, tablet, small pill, candy, food and electronic parts.

Tianhong is an automatic blister packaging machine manufacturer in China. We also provide cartoning machine, semi automatic capsule filling machine, polishing machine, and more.

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