Transparent Film Packing Machine

  • Transparent Film Packaging Machine The transparent film packaging machine completes work via a series of cams driving various connecting rods and parts. It adopts PLC programming control technology and stepless frequency conversion speed regulation. Packaging boxes are fed and counted automatically. The film is attached pneumatically.
  • Automatic Film Packing Machine A new-type double-rotary film cutter is adopted. Unlike conventional fixed type single rotary film cutter whose blade wears easily, the cutter of our film wrapping machine needs no sharpening even after years of using.
  • 3D Transparent Film Packing MachineThe 3D transparent film packing machine is widely used for the three-dimensional wrapping of food, cosmetics, stationery, health supplies, pharmaceuticals, daily necessities, audiovisual products, and other boxed items.

Developed on the basis of traditional cigarette case packing machine, our transparent film packing machine is widely used for the film packaging of various boxed items, such as food, cosmetic, medicine, health supplies, daily necessities, etc.

As a specialized transparent film packaging equipment manufacturer in China, Tianhong offers 3D transparent film packer, automatic blister packing machine, horizontal cartoning machine, capsule filling machine, and more.

Other Products
  • Capsule Polishing MachineDriven by a stepless variable speed motor, this polishing equipment can polish and clean the dust attached to the capsule and tablet to improve the surface finish of medicines.
  • Automatic Blister Packing Machine It supports automatic feeding, automatic indenting, batch number printing, aluminum alloy heating, multistage cylinder heat sealing, and other functions.
    Applicable to both rigid and flexible packaging, this packing equipment can be incorporated with the encasing machine and other packaging machines to form a complete automated line.