Automatic Film Packing Machine

Automatic Film Packing Machine
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Designed by making use of multiple patented technologies, our automatic film packing machine is able to meet the requirements of packaging boxes of different sizes.

1. When replacing the mould, there is no need to regulate the height of the working tables on both sides of the automatic packer or to dismantle and assemble the material discharge chain and discharge hopper. Therefore, the time required by mould replacement is greatly reduced, from the original 4 hours to the present 30 minutes.

2. A new-type double safeguard mechanism is used, so when this packaging equipment runs out of sync, spare parts will not be damaged without stopping the equipment.

3. Our automatic film packing machine is equipped with an original one-way hand device to prevent machine reverse swing, and the hand wheel does not rotate during running, ensuring security of the operator.

4. A new-type double-rotary film cutter is adopted. Unlike conventional fixed type single rotary film cutter whose blade wears easily, the cutter of our film wrapping machine needs no sharpening even after years of using.

Our automatic film packing machine is extensively used for the automatic film packaging of various single boxed articles, such as food, cosmetics, stationery, medicine, health products, and audiovisual products.

Main Technical Parameters

Packing MaterialBOPP film and gold tear tape
Packing Speed40-80packs/min
Packing Size(L)240(W)120(H)60 mm
Electric Supply & Power220V 50Hz 5kW
Overall Dimensions(L)2000(W)700(H)1400mm

Tianhong is a specialized automatic film packing equipment manufacturer in China. We offer various types of products such as horizontal cartoning machine, sorting and polishing machine, and capsule filling machine.

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