Capsule Polishing Machine

Capsule Polishing Machine
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YPJ-C Medicine Polisher
Our capsule polishing machine is a piece of novel pharmaceutical equipment. Driven by a stepless variable speed motor, this polishing equipment can polish and clean the dust attached to the capsule and tablet to improve the surface finish of medicines.

Main Technical Data of Capsule Polisher

Capacity7000 grains/min
Power Supply220V, 280W
Dimensions1150×400×1000 mm (Overall) 1300×540×1040 mm(Packing)
Weight45kg (Net) 65kg (Gross)

As a specialized capsule polishing machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Tianhong also offers sorting and polishing machine, horizontal cartoning machine, capsule filling machine, and automatic blister packing machine, among others.

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Other Products
  • Sorting and Polishing MachineIt is used for not only the polishing and static elimination of capsules and tablets but also the removal of substandard capsules, such as empty capsule, broken capsule, capsule with deficient dosage, etc.
  • Transparent Film Packaging Machine The transparent film packaging machine completes work via a series of cams driving various connecting rods and parts. It adopts PLC programming control technology and stepless frequency conversion speed regulation. Packaging boxes are fed and counted automatically. The film is attached pneumatically.