Capsule Filling Machine

  • NJP-200 Capsule Filling MachineOur capsule filling equipment boasts high precision, small vibration, and low noise which is below 80dB. The vacuum positioning mechanism ensures a capsule positioning probability of up to 99.9%.
  • NJP-800 Capsule Filling MachineAn air compressor is installed in the capsule discharge port. This effectively prevents the capsules clogging in the discharge port due to static.
  • NJP-1000 Capsule Filling MachineThe NJP-1000 capsule filling machine is able to process both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine with high dosing precision. The capsule qualified rate is more than 99%.
  • NJP-1200C Capsule Filling MachineAn enlarged dosing disk, which is 3 centimeters larger than conventional one, is adopted. The adoption of this disk significantly improves dose filling accuracy, making the accuracy far superior to that specified in China national standards.
  • NJP-1200D Capsule Filling MachineThe design of cam facing down and the adoption of a pressure atomizing pump guarantee a good lubricating condition inside the cam groove, which reduces wear and extends service life of the parts.
  • NJP-1800 Capsule Filling MachineControlled via computer, our capsule filling equipment supports stepless frequency-conversion speed regulation. It is provided with a digital display for convenient operation.
  • NJP-2000 Capsule Filling MachineThe capsule filler is designed with a man-machine interface. It will automatically stop and alarm in case of capsule or powder shortage. Also, the output of filled capsules is displayed on the touch screen.
  • NJP-3500 Capsule Filling MachineThe capsule control switch enables the operator to control the capsule filler from outside, which improves safety. The addition of an inching control system further facilitates operation.

Our company is able to provide a complete range of capsule filling machine with different capacity, from 200 to 3500 capsules per minute.

The capsule filling equipment is widely used in the hospital, medical research institution, and pharmaceutical factory.

As a professional capsule filling machine manufacturer in China, Tianhong also provides semi automatic capsule filler, polishing machine, blister packing machine, cartoning machine, and more.

Other Products
  • Capsule Polishing MachineDriven by a stepless variable speed motor, this polishing equipment can polish and clean the dust attached to the capsule and tablet to improve the surface finish of medicines.