NJP-3500 Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-3500 Capsule Filling Machine
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Main Features
1. The NJP-3500 capsule filling machine adopts the design of double-row 25 die holes and 12 stations. It is able to fill 210,000 capsules per hour.

2. Both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine can be filled.

3. The capsule qualified rate is more than 99%.

4. Filling error is controlled within 3.5%.

5. Cams in all stations are improved. Originally, the outer cam is pulled by spring. Now, special high-quality materials are used to make the cam and concave groove for transmission. This overcomes spring traction’s problems of easy fatigability and short service life, making the capsule packaging machine run stably.

6. RU140 and RU 125 cam indexers are used. This enhances the stability of the capsule filler and extends its operating life to a great extent.

7. Our capsule filling machine is controlled by the computer and it supports stepless variable frequency speed regulation.

8. Digital display makes operation easy.

9. The capsule control switch enables the operator to control the capsule filler from outside, which improves safety. The addition of an inching control system further facilitates operation.

10. The capsule filler is designed with a closed structure, which is in accordance with GMP.

11. This pharmaceutical packaging equipment has obtained CE marking.

Technical Parameters of Capsule Filling Machine

No. of Segment Bores25
Power Supply220/380V, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz (can be customized)
Main Motor2.2kW
Vacuum Power4kW
Vacuum pump40m3/h, 0.04-0.08Mpa
Dust Collector24.5Kpa, 210 m3/h
Noise< 80dB (A)
Capsule Size00#-4#
Filling Error±2.5%-3.5%
Net Weight2200kg
Overall Dimensions1180mm×1300mm×1900mm

Tianhong is a professional capsule filler manufacturer based in China. We provide a broad range of products, including semi automatic capsule filler, cartoning machine, blister packing machine, polishing machine, and more.

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