NJP-1200C Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-1200C Capsule Filling Machine
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1. To improve quality and operation efficiency, our NJP-1200C capsule filling machine is designed to be larger than similar products by 9cm.

2. This capsule filling device is equipped with enlarged cam indexing boxes, RU100 matching RU100. This increases the cost although, the stability of the machine is improved and the service life is extended.

3. An enlarged dosing disk, which is 3 centimeters larger than conventional one, is adopted. The adoption of this disk significantly improves dose filling accuracy, making the accuracy far superior to that specified in China national standards.

4. The lower surface of the dosing disk is used as the benchmark and a 3D adjustment mechanism is used. Natural deformation of dosing disk and copper pad is eliminated, and the clearance between parts is uniform, thus reducing powder leakage and facilitating cleaning.

5. Our capsule filling machine has a turntable with improved design. It uses 90 pieces of original Japanese oil-free linear bearings to ensure accuracy and service life. Other manufacturers use only 40 bearings and 50 pieces of copper bush. Such configuration is easy to wear and difficult to replace.

6. A man-machine interface is adopted. The number of filled capsules will be displayed on the touch screen.

7. Our packaging machine will stop automatically while issuing an alarm in case of a fault, such as running out of capsules or powder.

8. This capsule filler runs smoothly. The capsule qualified rate is greater than 99% with precise dosage.

9. Frequency-conversion speed regulation is supported and the equipment can be controlled via programming.

10. Our capsule filling machine is designed with a closed structure. This complies with the GMP standard.

Technical Parameters

No. of Segment Bores9
Net Weight1100kg
Power Supply220/380V, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz (can be customized)
Main Motor1.5kW
Vacuum Power2.2kW
Vacuum Pump40m3/h, 0.04-0.08Mpa
Dust Collector24.5Kpa, 210 m3/h
Noise< 80dB (A)
Capsule Size00#-4#
Filling Error±2.5%-3.5%

As a China-based capsule filling machine manufacturer and supplier, we provide a vast array of products, including semi automatic capsule filler, cartoning machine, polishing machine, blister packing machine, and more.

Feedback Form
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