NJP-1000 Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-1000 Capsule Filling Machine
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Main Features
1. The NJP-1000 capsule filling machine is able to process both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine with high dosing precision. The capsule qualified rate is more than 99%.

2. This equipment works stably and safely with high reliability.

3. Our capsule filler is equipped with original Japanese linear bearings and turnable whose inner design has been improved, ensuring precision and service life of the equipment.

4. The camshaft is located in the middle of the crankcase and a pressure atomizing pump is used, which keep the camshaft well lubricated, reduce wear, and extend component life.

5. Our capsule filling machine is equipped with enlarged RU100 and RU83 cam indexing boxes which greatly improve the stability and prolong the service life of the machine.

6. This computer-controlled capsule filling equipment adopts stepless frequency conversion speed regulation. It is equipped with a digital display for convenient operation.

7. An inching control system is employed, facilitating operation and maintenance.

8. This pharmaceutical packaging equipment is designed with a closed structure, which is in accordance with GMP.

9. This capsule filling machine is designed with a capsule control switch which enables operator to control the machine from outside and thus improve security.

Technical Parameters

No. of Segment Bores9
Net Weight900kg
Power Supply220/380V, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz (can be customized)
Main Motor1.1kW
Vacuum Power1.5kW
Vacuum Pump40m3/h, 0.04-0.08Mpa
Dust Collector24.5Kpa, 210 m3/h
Noise< 80dB (A)
Capsule Size00#-4#
Filling Error±2.5%-3.5%

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Other Products
  • NJP-1200C Capsule Filling MachineAn enlarged dosing disk, which is 3 centimeters larger than conventional one, is adopted. The adoption of this disk significantly improves dose filling accuracy, making the accuracy far superior to that specified in China national standards.
  • NJP-1200D Capsule Filling MachineThe design of cam facing down and the adoption of a pressure atomizing pump guarantee a good lubricating condition inside the cam groove, which reduces wear and extends service life of the parts.