NJP-400 Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-400 Capsule Filling Machine
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Characteristics and Advantages
1. Our NJP-400 capsule filling machine features small size, low power consumption, as well as easy operation and maintenance.
2. This standardized capsule filler is equipped with interchangeable parts. The replacement of moulds is convenient and accurate.
3. The design of cam facing down and the addition of pressure atomizing pump keep the cam shafts well lubricated, which reduces abrasion and extends the service life of parts.
4. Our capsule filling machine runs stably with little vibration and noise which is below 80dB. Due to the vacuum positioning mechanism, the capsule positioning accuracy is up to 99.9%.
5. With the lower surface of dosing disk used as benchmark, a three-dimensional regulating mechanism is adopted. Load difference is effectively reduced owing to the uniform gap.
6. Our capsule filling equipment is provided with complete functions and human-machine interface. It can eliminate faults such as material shortage, capsule shortage, and so on. It automatically alarms and stops when faults occur.
7. The number of the capsules processed is calculated accurately in real time.
8. This capsule filler adopts programming and frequency control.
9. Our capsule packing machine is designed with a closed structure, which is in accordance with GMP standard.

Technical Parameters

No. of Segment Bores3
Net Weight750kg
Power Supply220/380V, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz (can be customized)
Main Motor1.1kW
Vacuum Power0.75kW
Vacuum Pump20m3/h, 0.04-0.08Mpa
Dust Collector17.6Kpa 180 m3/h
Noise< 80dB (A)
Capsule Size00#-4#
Filling Error±2.5%-3.5%

Service and Warranty
The guarantee period of our capsule filling machine is 24 months, which starts from the date of the machine’s arrival. Within this period, parts that are damaged by the machine’s quality problems will be provided within 10 days for free, and the freight is assumed by the customer.

Note that this warranty does not cover repair or replacement due to component damage resulting from failing to adhere to the recommended maintenance and operation procedures, unauthorized customer modifications, or using parts manufactured by unauthorized suppliers.

We are a major capsule filling machine manufacturer in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including polishing machine, blister packing machine, semi automatic capsule filler, cartoning machine, and many others.

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